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Port Washington & Southampton


The Legacy of Storytelling

Award-winning design with a deeper meaning

"The Sharyn" Bespoke Word Art


Cocktail Rings

Glenn Bradford "Heaven & Earth", Vintage Cartier, circa 1950


Award-winning Spiritual Charms

"The Daniella" Charm Bracelet


Bespoke Engagement Rings

"The Karli", "The Sharyn", & "The Gail"


Stackable Love Bands

Estate Jewelry Collection

 Art Deco Bracelet, circa 1920


Collectible Timepiece Collection

Rolex Daytona Cosmographs, left circa 1997, right circa 2006


Christie Brinkley & Brooke Shields

Glenn Bradford Diamond Group LLC


Pink, Red and Blue Diamonds




Sharyn and Glenn Bradford with Iris Apfel